Get To Know Us

Your Partner for AI-enabled Learning and Knowledge Management Solutions

Who We Are

At Blue Elephants Solutions, we believe that knowledge is most valuable for organizations when it is applied by the workforce, and that there is a more effective and efficient way of achieving that. One that is inclusive of everyone, regardless of location, schedule, or learning pace.

We therefore develop mobile learning and knowledge solutions that combine proven educational methods with innovative AI-technology, and help organizations reach their full potential by delivering hyper-personalized, accessible learning content to their people.

Our goal is not to simply provide a product but to add value to our customers’ Learning & Development ecosystem and ensure organizations reach and surpass their strategic goals through an empowered workforce.

Why Blue Elephants Solutions?

Blue Elephants Solutions was born from the L&D community for the L&D community. As such, it is important for us to stay closely connected to it. We therefore understand the challenges that businesses face with modern day employee development, and our solutions are designed to address them.

We understand that not every customer is the same, and have therefore made it our mission to comprehend your needs and pain points to the smallest detail. This way we can ensure that we are able to offer the best solution for your unique requirements, either with our Off-the-Shelf Products, individual features, or fully customized learning system developments, tailored to your organization’s needs.

We value every one of our customers, and aim to be a partner through their learning journey, providing great flexibility as well as outstanding individual support whenever needed.