Elevate Learning and Knowledge Sharing:
A Mobile Approach for Accessibility & Flexibility

Not every employee spends his workday at a desk or on a regular schedule, and we are passionate about making learning and knokwledge available for everyone – anytime, anywhere. In this digital age, we harness the potential of mobile devices to grant users the freedom and flexibility to access training materials and information seamlessly.

The Power of Mobility

Learning and Information on the Go

A mobile approach empowers your employees to access training materials and company information while on the move – during commutes, moments of downtime, and just in time.

Responsive Design

Discover the advantages of an intuitive mobile design,  providing a consistent and user-friendly learning and knowledge access experience.

Offline Access

Our Mobile Learning app Knowledge Gym offers offline access to training materials, ensuring uninterrupted learning even in areas with limited connectivity.

Gamification menu in Knowledge Gym

Key benefits for Your Orgnaization

Enhanced Accessibility

Employees can access training materials and important company and product specific information from their mobile devices, ensuring learning and knowledge is within reach no matter where they are.

Flexibility for Employees

A mobile approach provides an asynchronous learning opportunity to accomodate different schedules, and offers users the freedom to choose when and where they learn, seamlessly fitting training into their busy lives.

Crucial company and product specific information can be accessed within seconds at any given point, enhancing efficient decision making.

Looking for more Flexibility in Learning and Knowledge Management?

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