AI Conversation Coach:
Elevate Business Performance with Conversational Excellence

AI Conversation Coach is your gateway to mastering the art of conversation and enhancing communication skills across your organization. Designed to simulate real world conversations, AI Conversation Coach leverages AI technology to provide an immersive learning experience that benefits your entire workforce.

Prepared when it matters with On Point Conversation Skills

Realistic Conversation Simulations

Let employees immerse in authentic conversations! AI Conversation Coach engages learners in lifelike scenarios to practice their conversation skills with fully customizable AI Personas in adjustable use cases such as Sales, Customer Service, or Leadership.

Hyper-Personalized Learning Journeys

Tailored to individual and organizational needs! Select different AI counterparts and watch AI Conversation Coach adjust questions and reaction styles. The AI conversation partners react to learners’ input in real-time and offer immediate feedback and improvement suggestions, ensuring a hyper-personalized learning experience.

Realistic Experience

Engaging and Lifelike Interaction Modes

Let learners interact with AI Conversation Coach via text or voice input, and select output via lifelike facial animation for a more immersive experience, allowing your team to practice and develop their conversation skills in the way that suits them best.

Customizable Scenarios

Create your own custom conversation scenarios and unique AI personas as conversation counterparts via an intuitive back end, enabling you to train your employees on a multitude of role specific situations.

What makes AI Conversation Coach the Ideal Solution?

Enhanced Communication Skills

AI Conversation Coach empowers your workforce to become effective communicators, enhancing performance in key areas such as sales, service, and leadership.

Versatility across Use Cases

AI Conversation Coach is adaptable and can be used to refine crucial skills needed in various scenarios, providing your organization with a competitive advantage.

Enhance Communication. Empower your Team with Sales, Service, or Leadership Skills. See up to...

Everything You Need in One Solution


  • Bite-sized learning content
  • Micro learnings
  • Conversational AI


  • Web
  • Android
  • iOS


  • Push-notifications
  • User progress email
  • Manager team email
  • Qizzes

Content Generation

  • AI generated
  • Hyper-personalized
  • Custom scenarios
  • Character creation
  • Difficulty setting


  • Profile settings
  • Training history
  • Saved questions


  • Cloud, SaaS, Web-based
  • On-premise hosting possible
  • DSGVO compliant (Telekom)

Learning Types

  • Asynchronous learning
  • Self-learning
  • Blended learning
  • Hyper-personalized
  • Flipped learning


  • Points
  • Achievements

Custom App

  • Full custom app possible


  • Real time feedback

Input Options

  • Text
  • Voice

Output Options

  • Text
  • Voice
  • Facial animation


  • Complete app
  • API
  • iFrame

Account Management

  • User self-registration

Custom App

  • Full custom App possible

Test the Base and Pro Versions for Free in a pre-built Interview Scenario

Test AI Conversation Coach in a pre-built interview scenario as “AI Job Interview Coach”, and choose between 12 pre-defined AI Counterparts as interviewers, who each come with a unique question style.

While the quicker Base version focuses on text output, the Pro version comes with facial animation for a more realistic learning experience.

Base Version

Pro Version