Micro Services:
Tackle Pain Points with Precision

Our selection of Micro Services provides access to the innovative features of our Off-the-Shelf Solutions via API and iFrame.
Integrate your favourite features from AI Knowledge Assistant, Knowledge Gym or AI Conversation Coach into your existing platforms and benefit from their functionality without a complete system overhaul.

The Missing Piece to Your Perfect System

AI Content Generation

Revolutionize your content creation process with our AI-powered solution. Seamlessly generate training materials, quizzes, and assessments from existing documents, saving time and resources while ensuring the relevance and accuracy of content.


AI-driven Spaced Repetition

Maximize knowledge retention and application with an AI-driven self-learning algorithm that calculates and continuously adapts optimal learning intervals, reinforcing relevant content and combating the forgetting curve to ensure employees internalize and apply what they learned.

AI Conversation Training

Empower your learners with effective communication. Simulate real-life interactions with lifelike, animated conversational AI, providing learners with immersive practice opportunities to refine their communication abilities in fully customizable scenarios such as sales pitches, customer service interactions, interviews, or leadership conversations.

Micro Quizzes

Transform learning into an interactive and engaging experience. Deliver bite-sized learning nuggets in a fun quiz format tailored to learners’ needs, promoting active participation, reinforcing key concepts, and providing immediate feedback for enhanced comprehension.

AI-powered Knowledge Access

Enable on-the-go retrieval of information specific to your organization. Set up a knowledge base for AI to access, ensuring your employees receive crucial, and most importantly accurate, information tailored to their specific roles.

AI Knowledge Assistant Front End

Ready to take your Learning & Knowledge Management to the next Level?

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