How a Marketing Agency streamlines their mandatory recurring Compliance Trainings


A Marketing Agency with a team of 50 employees encompassing roles such as designers, project managers, and marketing professionals.


With an annual need for recurring training, the agency sought an efficient solution that would engage employees and ensure comprehensive understanding of and compliance with Cyber Security and Data Privacy protocols.


Through the integration of Knowledge Gym, the agency was streamlined their training processes and was able to simplify administrative tasks, while at the same time ensuring timely training completion and cost savings.


Quick Training Content Creation  

Leveraging Knowledge Gym’s AI content generation feature, existing materials could be transformed into interactive training content within 1 week.

Cost Savings 

The platform eliminated the need for external training professionals, resulting in significant cost savings for the organisation.

Efficient Training and Certification Process 

All mandatory trainings had been completed within 1 month, with automatic certification for users upon completion, utilizing Knowledge Gym’s integrated certification feature.

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