AI Knowledge Assistant:
Unlock Instant Knowledge Access and Empower Informed Decision Making

AI Knowledge Assistant is your solution for achieving instant knowledge accessibility and empowering your employees to make informed decisions at their best. This innovative app enables staff to company and product specific information precisely when they need it, enhancing work efficiency and performance throughout your organization.

Access Knowledge within Seconds

On-the-Spot Knowledge Access and Decision Support

Knowledge at your fingertips, decision making at its best! AI Knowledge Assistant allows your staff to access company and product specific knowledge in real-time, ensuring that they have the information the need precisely when they need it. Informed decision-making becomes with instant knowledge access.

Customizable Company Knowledge Base

Tailored to your organization’s needs! Companies can store specific information in their personal repository through use of a vector data base to create a knowledge base that suits their unique requirements.

Your Intelligent Assistant

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AI-powered Q&A

Instant answers, powered by AI! Users can consult the AI Knowledge Assistant by asking company or product specific questions via AI-chat, and receive accurate answers within seconds.

Augmented General Knowledge

Beyond company specific information! Choose to augment AI Knowledge Assistant’s responsive with general knowledge, providing users with comprehensive and insightful answers even when specific is not part of the knowledge base.

What makes AI Knowledge Assistant the Ideal Solution

Instant Knowledge Retrieval

AI Knowledge Assistant ensures that your team can access critical information on demand, eliminating delays through information search and enhancing productivity.

Enhanced Decision Making

With instant access to the right information, employees can make informed decisions quickly, helping to improve overall organizational performance.

Knowledge On Demand. Elevate Expertise through your Organization and witness up to...

Everything You Need in One Solution

Knowledge Base

  • Custom repositories
  • Back end file upload
  • Vector data base storage


  • Web
  • Android
  • iOS

Security & Data Privacy

  • Option for on-premise hosting
  • DSGVO compliant hosting

Information Access

  • Chat function
  • Situation specific questions
  • Mobile front end

User Interface

  • Knowledge repositories
  • Password management
  • Account deletion


  • Cloud, SaaS, Web-based

Information Delivery

  • Large language model
  • Instant reply
  • Company/product specific output
  • Optional augmentation with general AI knowledge

Account Management

  • Central token management
  • Assign repositories to individual users
  • Add/delete users
  • Create/delete repositories

App Version

  • Off-the-shelf
  • Full custom app possible


  • Complete app
  • API
  • iFrame

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