How a Training Organization extends their classroom training for Enhanced Results and Client Satisfaction


A Training Organization specializing in leadership skills and conflict management training, delivered in an in-person classroom environment.


The organization was looking for a way to improve training outcomes and ensure continuous learning by extending the impact of their in-person training sessions. The goal was to reinforce learning, practice skills, and transform them into lasting habits.


Blue Elephants Solutions introduced the mobile learning app Knowledge Gym, which could be combined with the existing training methodology.

Following classroom trainings and workshops, clients could utilize the app for a 3-month period, providing them with ongoing reinforcement and practice opportunities from the delivered content. Coaches actively monitored progress, addressed identified weaknesses, and offered personalized follow-up sessions as needed.


Enhanced Training Outcomes  

Knowledge Gym significantly improved training outcomes long-term by reinforcing and practicing leadership skills and conflict management.

Higher Client Satisfaction 

The post-training app engagement led to higher satisfaction of clients through ongoing follow-up and care.

Additional Revenue Streams 

The integration of Knowledge Gym helped the organization to generate additional revenue by extending engagement beyond one-time training sessions, and providing the opportunity for conducting additional individual trainings.

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